Web Layer

Web Layer world

  • Fonterize - A GreaseMonkey Script which changes font family on almost every part of the web page you are surfing.
    https://github.com/ladyjer/Fonterize Javascript GreaseMonkey script
  • joomla-forkmeon - A Joomla! Module to display repositories published on web-based GIT hosting service, like Github
    https://github.com/ladyjer/joomla-forkmeon PHP Joomla! 3 Module
  • PHPHeadaches - PHP Certification tips/tricks/test
    https://github.com/ladyjer/PHPHeadaches PHP
  • plg_content_callme - A Joomla! Plugin to convert telephone numbers in content to click-to-call links.
    https://github.com/ladyjer/plg_content_callme PHP Joomla! 3 Content Plugin

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